What we do

All that follows describes Wellfield church’s normal life aka when not in COVID times… for details about what’s happening currently see our pages ‘What’s On?’ and ‘COVID-19’.


We meet together on Sunday mornings and evenings, but also midweek to look at the bible and pray together – and just socially, of course, too. Christians meet together to help one another to keep trusting in Jesus.

On a typical Sunday morning, we meet at Northbrook Barn at around 10.15am for a brew before we start properly at 10.30am. We are a normal church, but we are a little less formal. No standing up at strange times (sometimes not at all..!) or reading out things we don’t understand. Mostly we sit around tables, and the children usually go off for some special activities at some point.

Some weeks we all have lunch together. Some weeks the kids stay with the adults.

If you want to know more, please get in touch!


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