Meet Us

Mark Simpson

is the minister of Wellfield Church. He grew up in London, but has a cross-cultural marriage to Lyndsey, a Yorkshire girl. They have three kids. Mark became a Christian as a teenager through a church youth group.

Helen Neville

manages the debt centre for ‘Christians Against Poverty’. Together with a few other churches in Leyland, she is employed to help people struggling with debt. She is married to Doug, they have two girls and they also head up the childrens work at Wellfield.

Our Leadership Team are responsible for most of the decision-making of the church. The team consists of Mark, Doug and Helen, Andrew Nicholson, David Cowburn and Suzanne Cowburn, our treasurer.

But the people we’d most love you to meet are not pictured above. Wellfield is not dominated by a handful of people up front; Wellfield is instead a whole Church Family. We hope that one day you might visit us on a Sunday, and then you’ll be able to see that we’re made up of men, women and children. In fact we boast people from every decade from 0 to 70, and we’d be delighted to extend beyond that!

Here’s what a few people who’ve joined us over the years want you to know:

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