St Andrew’s Parish Church set up Wellfield Church in 2007, because they’d long recognised that most people see church as irrelevant – and for many, intimidating. We see ourselves as ‘Church for people who don’t do ‘church”.

We’re pleased to hold the heritage of faith from the Christian reformers 500 years ago who sparked the creation of the Church of England (no, it wasn’t just about Henry VIII getting a divorce!!). Whatever a church looks like in terms of the style of its meetings, what’s important is what is preached and what is lived daily by its members. This trickles down into all sorts of things, but we want to be gracious to all fellow-believers everywhere, as we each seek to understand Jesus’ will better.

These days, the Church of England includes a wide range of churches. Blackburn Diocese is pleased to include churches like ours, in urban estates, seeking to make the good news about Jesus known to people around us.

In 2013, by God’s amazing provision, we purchased Northbrook Barn. It is where we meet, and the location of many of our activities.

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