Far from causing us to retreat and shut down, Lockdown has been a time of growth for us. For the first months of lockdown, we met online, and personally in any way we were allowed. You can view some of our online activity on our YouTube channel, ‘Wellfield Church’.

All change is challenging. But pain is always necessary for growth. God is powerful, and has been using these challenging times to teach us all sorts of things about ourselves, about him, and about the world and human life around us. (And some of it ain’t pretty!)

We began meeting as a church on 5th July. (That is, as soon as we were allowed to!)

We are, of course, taking all necessary measures informed by government and medical advice to help prevent unecessary spread of COVID-19, some of these measures are outlined below:

  • Three service times each Sunday, so that our building doesn’t get too busy: 9.45am, 11.15am, 6.30pm.
  • Many of the peripheral rooms inside our building are closed off to reduce the touching of doorhandles, and to help kids to stay in the main room where their parents can keep an eye on them.
  • We’re entering the building via the back door (middle silver door if you’re not sure!)
  • There’s hand gel available just inside the entrance
  • Once inside, we’re choosing a seat and sticking to it.
  • Families / households are sitting together with plenty of space for us to spread out and keep a safe distance whilst still being friendly.
  • There are no seperate kids groups going on during church, but instead we’re making sure that everything we do includes and caters for all who come.
  • Any equipment used is sanitised between church meetings, for example Pritt Sticks (other brands are available…!)
  • We’re not singing at the moment – this has been known to spread the coronavirus particularly well. We’re finding other ways to meditate on God’s goodness.
  • Of course those over the age of 11 are welcome to wear a face mask, but we’re not policing it.
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