Church in the inbetween times

Since the end of July we’ve been able to meet in our church building again! We’ve made the way we meet a bit different – people sitting in groups with their own household for example. There’s hand gel, and plenty of cleaning going on.

We want people to feel safe to come along – both church members and brand new visitors are welcome. For the time being we’re holding the same church service three times each Sunday.
This means that none of those time slots get too crowded, each has a maximum of thirty people.

Each of these is for anyone aged from 0 to 99. For the moment different groups for kids aren’t able to take place, but we’re making church family friendly without turning it into a creche – there’s loads of fun for everyone: highlights have included cutting and sticking, bingo, animation, memory games and more!

Once we had the go ahead to meet, we didn’t want to hang around because church isn’t a club for religious people; church is a rescue mission for anyone and everyone who wants it [with plenty of room for people who want the space and time to hear and make up their mind].

From the book of Galatians chapter 1 verses 3 and 4 in the Bible

We’re also recording what takes place each Sunday, so that those who’re not ready to join us in person don’t miss out. You can find these at our Wellfield Church Youtube channel.

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